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self adhesive bottle labeling machine

Detailed Product Description

1.front-back automatic labeling machines
2.the manufacturer
3.own search and develop team
4.guarantee 12 months

JT-510 Automatic stand-up round bottle labeling machine



The JT-510 is designed for wrap-around labeling machine on cylindrical bottles and containers.It can be incorporated with a line or operated individually.



1.PLC combined with LCD touch screen pannel,the setting and opperation is clear and easy.

2.complied with GMP requirements,and made of SUS304 stainless steel and high-class aluminium alloy.

3.The machine has many functions such as guiding,labeling,separation,attaching,counting.

4.The labeling position of height can be adjusted.

5.The special machine can be customized according to customer requirement


Technical parameter:

1.Power supply:110V/220V,50/60HZ,800W;

2.Labeling speed:0-25m/min;

3.Labeling precision:more or less in 1mm ;

4.Bottle diameter:15-100mm( can be customized);

5.Label reel diameter:inner 76mm,outer 360mm(max);

6.Label heght:10-120mm(other measuerment can be customized);

7.machine size:L*W*H=2000*1050*1300mm;

pipe extruding making machine

PVC single wall corrugated pipe extruding making machine

PVC single wall corrugated pipe extruding making machine

Line Model:DBPVC

Extruder Model:SJ-50/105

Production scope:16-40mm


Total Power:27KW

Features of Production line

1.The set can select different type of the extruder according to the material being processed

2.PE/PA main machine is equipped with single screw extruder ,good plasticizing and disperse quality and high output

3.PVC main machine adopts double conic screw extruder ,making good effect of plasticizing disperse and high output

4.The die head of single wall corrugated pipe is specially designed for wide use scope,simple forming and even pipe wall.

5.The corrugated pipe forming machine is optimum designed for high running speed and stable forming

6.The cutting machine is specially designed for corrugated pipe for high precision cutting and no-damage to crest.


Production line consists:


2.Auto Loader

3.Hot Air Dryer

4.Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Machine

5.Single Wall corrugation pipe forming machine

6.Double working position coiler

Drilling Rig Machine

water well drilling rig machine HGY-300

Water well Drilling Rig Machine
Drilling depth:300m
Drilling dia.:75~200mm
Drilling Rig Machine for Gotechnical Prospectio

water well drilling rig machine HGY-300

Company introduction:


1. 32 years professional manufacturer

2. National-control Group company with 4 part factories

Main products: drilling rig and drill bit, others: diamond, PDC, bush

3. Certificate: ISO9001:2008

4. Main market: South America, Africa, the Middle East, Aisa

Countries: South Africa, Zambia, Sudan, Iran, South Korea, Costa Rica etc


Featuresof water well drilling rig machine HGY-300:

1) Wide range of suitable rotary speed to meet various needs.

2) Common auto parts, such as clutch, transmission case and shifting structure.